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After the success of the first RubyFunDay, Geekeerie is proudly bringing up the next RubyFunDay at Pune, India.
Here we are going to cover the latest topics in Rails 2 and the advanced Ruby concepts which will help you in building up your own RubyGems.

The tentative date of 2nd RubyFunDay is 21st Feb, 2009. If you wish to join in, you can register here.

Some of the advanced topics to be covered in Ruby are:

  • Metaprogramming with Ruby
  • GC – Grabage Collector
  • Delegation in Ruby
  • Building a simple TCP IP client-server in Ruby

Some of the topics to be covered in Rails are:

  • Advanced features of Rails 2
  • How to write a Rails plugin
  • Deeper understanding of Ajax with examples
  • Simple PayPal integration with Rails

Free Goodies

  • Lunch
  • Ruby printed T-Shirts

It’s going to be great fun, if you wish to join in, you would need to register in advance as we will be having limited entries.

For any further questions, contact me at sur.max@gmail.com

We are looking for sponsors for the Venue, Lunch and the T-Shirts. Please contact me at sur.max@gmail.com

See you there.

7 Responses so far.

  1. Akhil Bansal says:


    I am looking forward to join this event, also looking forward somebody to sponsor this trip to Pune :-)

  2. Sur says:

    Hey Akhil,

    I hope to see you there :)

  3. Jeet says:

    Hi Sur, I am thinking of coming to this event, lets see how the plans work out for me….:)

  4. Sur says:

    Hi Jeet,
    You are most welcome :)

  5. Sigh.. won’t be able to make it to this one too. For some reason, there aren’t many ruby-centric events in Delhi region.

  6. Sur says:

    Hi Nilesh,

    We are coming up with a RubyOnRails Studio Workshop in Delhi, in March or April.
    Maybe you would want to join in there.

  7. Sounds great ! Looking forward to it. I guess I’ll keep a watch for it on your blog.