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Its been around three months I am practicing Martial Arts. I have refined my kicks and punches to some good level, punches comes out with new kind of energy now ;) . Just now started having the one-on-one fight practices. On last weekend, while fighting with an opponent, I got a minor hair fracture in my right feet’s thumb. It was a solid kick though on his knee, but since shoes are not allowed in practice I got the reaction of the hit as well. I had a great joyful fight.. one of the big scene was when I hit hardest punch and it made my opponent’s right hand’s two knuckle joints swollen and that was the end of the fight. Though I didn’t feel good for him at the first place, but actually this is why we were there at the dojo.

Right now along with some interesting Rails projects and personal Ruby coding(an interesting mesh up of ActiveRecord and Socket Programming) also enjoying the broken bones :) .

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ouch!

    So which belt are you?

    Some day, I want to learn Krav Maga. Its a self defence technique developed in Israel. But there is no one to teach it near where I stay…

    (Sur – I’ve added you to gmail chat. Hope to catch up with you some time… I may have some work for you.)

  2. Sur says:

    Oh! I’ve only cleared the first level, Yellow.
    I will now be appearing for Orange this month ;)