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I upgraded the dist to Hardy Heron, the Ubuntu 8.04. And my experience with it so far has been very satisfactory.
Its much more stable now. I found various stuff already bundled which previously I had to explicitly install. For me the good things bundled…

Firefox 3

Hardy provides Firefox 3(beta) by default, comparatively its a super fast browser now. I am desperately waiting for Firfox 3 final release. Once I was a bit upset to see that the Firbug is no more compatible with Firefox3 but then I found Firebug’s release 1.2 which works fine with Firefox3. Till yet have not found any problem and both are working fine. Firefox3 is certainly quite faster.

Ruby 1.8.6

Provides Ruby 1.8.6 (patchlevel 111). Good!
The libmagick is also available but still the RMagick needs to be installed the way I posted here.


A one stop shop for almost all the messenger services like gtalk, aim, yahoo, irc and many more. In previous dist I had to install gaim.

This new ubuntu is operating quite faster and I am enjoying it a lot.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Gaveen says:

    In my case I found Hardy to be a wee bit more flaky than Gutsy. Gutsy was really solid in my case. Once in a while Hardy went into a freeze. But that could be anything. Anything including my graphics drivers (ATI, make it FOSS quickly) or that Skype thing which I’m bound to use because of work.

    And it is nice to have a more updated Ruby version, but I still build Ruby, Git, MPlayer, Nmap and Nginx from source. Maybe that’s a habit. :)

  2. Sur says:

    Hi Gaveen,

    I haven’t experienced any crash/freeze till yet. Might be because I’ve just started using it and will experience it in future.
    But I’ve found it to be quite faster.

    Yes, compiling is always better than the apt-get as it provides more flexibility in providing customized options. I also prefer to go for compiling wherever I need to be more specific in mentioning the options… in cases where I would just need a standard installation I prefer the apt-get. As for mysql, amarok I just do the apt-get.

  3. Herbert says:

    I’m loving Hardy Heron too, I started using it yesterday and it’s a breeze to install and its finally compatible with my desktop resolution! I’m very pleased with Ubuntu 8.04 and can’t wait for Ubuntu 8.10.

  4. Sur says:


    Certainly me too desperately waiting for the 8.10.