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Archive for March, 2008

Today’s market is the market of the Design but the technology. Not only related to the web applications but in a very generic sense. The greatly designed application basecamp turned Rails into a favorite framework of numerous programmers all over the globe. But the non-tech end users who are using  [ Read More ]

Setting up custom error pages are needed whenever the app goes in maintenance or when the code gets crashed … In Nginx, its fairly simple but once when you know it. Say your app example.com is residing in /var/www/apps/example Nginx configurations say your existing configuration looks like… server{ listen 80;  [ Read More ]

Ruby 1.9 provides the block scoping of the local variables. It shadows the outside local variable in the block and allocates a new object_id in the memory to the block variable, which essentially means much more flexibility in using the lambdas without worrying about the name of the block variable.  [ Read More ]

If you have installed ruby using apt-get or if you have not mentioned the configuration option for openssl while installing from source, you can expect openssl will not work with ruby. Here is the solution for the same… Step 1 Install gcc and make(if you don’t have already on your  [ Read More ]

Setup locales in Ubuntu

In a fresh Ubuntu, not having the locales setup, it shows warning every time while installing any software/library and while stopping/restarting as well. You can setup the required locales easily. The following example shows the simple steps to setup the en_IN UTF-8 locale. Step 1 Edit or Create the file  [ Read More ]