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I was not able to setup the SVN on the suse linux as easy as on Ubuntu. In Ubuntu I think its simply by apt-get install subversion, but here even after compiling the source I was not able to enable the support of ra_dav module for http and https protocol. Later on after all the research I finally did by properly installing neon with required configuration options needed by SVN for ra_dav and thought to consolidate them all as a blog post. So here it is…


  • tzdata
  • expat
  • apr
  • apr-util
  • neon

First, install all the tzdata and expat with legacy commands 1) ./configure 2) make and 3) make install. without any specific conguration.

Install the apr(Apache Portable Runtime) like above as well.
Now install the apr-util by specifying your apr

./configure --with-apr=/usr/local/apr
make install

The apr usually resides at /usr/local/apr if its not there in your machine, first find the directory using
find / -type d -name apr
then mention the apr in the apr-util configuration.

Now, its better and more configurable to install neon as a separate library and then to configure subversion accordingly.
Configure and install neon from the neon source

./configure --with-ssl --with-pic --enable-shared
make installl

after installing neon check the configuration of neon from the executable file neon-config(which usually goes in /usr/local/bin/neon-config) by issuing the command neon-config. This will show the configuration options for neon. The configuration for –prefix shows the default(/usr/local) include path of installed neon library. For configuring the subversion we need to use this default include path or the path(–prefix) if you have mentioned while installing neon.

Now configure and install the subversion as

./configure --with-ssl --with-apr=/usr/local/apr --with-apr-uitl=/usr/local/apr  --with-neon=/usr/local
make install

Now check the ra_dav support by issuing
svn –version
it will show the supported modules.

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  1. Sur says:

    Me only :)
    On Vinsol’s blog we have digested my feeds ;)

  2. NekroByte says:


    I don’t really understand buy… nice! :^)

  3. NekroByte says:

    BUT… nice*

  4. Sur says:

    I meant to say, that on Vinsol’s blog, which link you are showing, is nothing but this post from my blog only, there is a feed digest functionality with which you can fetch the posts from other blogs automatically to get published on yours.

  5. NekroByte says:

    Oh, it sounds interesting :-P

  6. Ian Wood says:

    Thanks for the tips!

    I’ installing svn 1.5 on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 from source (since the apt repo’s for it only have svn 1.4 and tricks with intrepid repo’s didn’t work withe repos i have to use..)

    I was able to skip the apr bit and use apt-get libapr1-dev libapr1 instead.

    for neon, again the hardy apt repo had an old version, so I downloaded the neon 0.28.1 source, unzipped and renamed it as instructed by the configure script (maybe make complained… not sure.. but there were instructions in the output of one of them) :

    ./configure –with-ssl –with-pic –enable-shared

    I ran configure again, and this time it didn’t complain. Make and make-install ran nicely and now svn –version tells me that ra_neon is there and I can do http/https and all seems fine (:


  7. Sur says:

    Hi Ian,
    Glad that the post helped you.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, it will be helpful for the specific case you mentioned.