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Seriously Hurt!!

If all that happened to one of the greatest living programmer, its really hurting and I am seriously hurt!! Zed is an exceptionally great techei. The Author of the Mongrel Web Server who deserves to be honored with the salutes of all we guys who are running their business on the top of Rails by deploying the web applications on Mongrel with a pride.

Zed Shaw – The Man ranked #1 on WorkingWithRails. God!! Still hard to believe that the guys have treated him like this… For me(and I think for every human being) its quite natural to have respect for a person/company if I am benefiting out of his work. Moreover, the work is free to use!!
I respect Matz, Nobuyoshi, DHH, Zed, Jamis, Rick and all the great guys who writes/contributes plugins/snippets/libs for ruby/rails/mongrel as I am using Ruby/Rails/Mongrel for my benefits.

ZED, my hearty thanks to you for providing the Mongrel web server.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymouse says:

    He’s always been a total jerk to me, and many others.

    If you were following the mongrel lists from the early days, you’d know how so many of his bugs he would deny for months, and then when the patches actually fixed them, he’d blame apache. Even though the patch to fix it, patched mongrel. Again and again.

    And heaven forbid somebody on irc suggest that a new package should be more tested before being advocated for production work, that was met by both Zed and his followers by namecalling.

    In the very rant you cite, he exposes himself completely. Calling names, talking up violence, bragging about how badass he is and he’ll kick your ass if he can get you to agree to fight, if you said something bad about him. Gee. And he has issues getting along, it must be everybody else!!!

  2. sur says:

    I am not saying that what all he is saying is absolutely right. There must have been many problems from his side as well.
    Also the abusive language he is using, might be because of frustration, is definitely not acceptable.