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Hi everybody, I have moved fully on Ubuntu FeistyFawn There are lots of cool features in it like …. Run Application(the application launcher, hotkey alt+f2), the DesktopBar(full web and system search including files and folders, hotkey alt+f3) … and the TomBoy notes. Use ctl+l to open explorer in specific location

Hey Everyone, Check out the cool opera widget Travel Mate written by my friend Aditya Features Weather Information of the destination place Location specific images Google Maps of the destination place, a really nice feature… which makes this widget one of its own kind. Flight booking, can check the availability  [ Read More ]

Defining Satisfaction

Do you actually know what is the definition for satisfaction for You ? Whenever i talk with my friends to earn huge and huge… a lots of time i usually get the comments that its not the money which can always satisfies you! More prior thing is the kind of  [ Read More ]

Hi all, I found an answer(a tweak) to the question which was pinging my mind while working on my current project that How to validate one or more specific attribute of the model(field of the table i mean)?, as the requirement was to save a record after validating the model’s  [ Read More ]

Ruby is DuckTyped

NOTE : This post may contains repeated and boring stuff for those who already have the programming practice of DuckTyping. What is Duck Typing ? Duck Typing is Dynamic Typing In ruby we do not declare the type of the variable. It automatically becomes the object of the related class.  [ Read More ]

Self Realization

Ironically, i found it hard. Actually, its not that. Realizing self should be the most prior plan to be materialized compared to anything else. The things you are depending upon might be not you should depend upon. There is always a difference between the way you are moving and the  [ Read More ]

Simple Captcha 1.0

Update: SimpleCaptcha 1.2.2 is up!! Major Changes… FileSystem Usage Removed Works Perfectly with Multiple Clustered Servers Read Here for more details on implementation, usage and examples.


Doing meta-programming in ruby gives all new ways of getting closer to ruby. There are a lots of Ruby Idioms that attracted a lots of programmers to fall in love with Ruby-Lang. class << self; self; end is a ruby idiom which gives the Big Picture of coding-less and producing-more  [ Read More ]

The Matz

Yokihiro Matsumoto (Matz) The Living Legend, The Great Person, The Matz. Creator of Ruby, the most beautiful programming language.

Simple Captcha 1.0 released If you are using an older revision of SimpleCaptcha then it is strongly recommended that update it to the Simple Captcha version 1.0, coz there were certain bugs in the previous release viz. update_attribute, which has been fixed in this release. Bugs Fixed and Features update_attribute  [ Read More ]