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I presented on Ruby Tricks in BarcampDelhi3, I had much more things to present but due to shortage of time I got chance to show very few of them. I got some good feedbacks of the session, anyone who loved ruby, liked the session… PHP guys are still finding it hard to accept the Ruby, Rails.
Manik and Akhil presented Amazon EC2 services, also there was quite a useful session by the Amazon’s Jitesh on Amazon Web Services S3 and EC2. Greg presented good usability stuffs.

There wasn’t any other session related to Ruby or Rails… I was missing Ruby there. Also after the BarCamp, many guys asked me if there can be more Ruby/Rails related stuffs.

Good News! We are planning ruby related events as RubyCamp which will mainly related to Ruby and RubyOnRails.

Join the group rubycamp@googlegroups.com for the information about upcoming Ruby events.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Sad to know that there were very few sessions related to Ruby and ROR. I find many people in IT industry are still not much aware of Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework. Your idea of Rubycamp would help to spread Ruby/ROR awareness.

  2. Also do checkout upcoming Barcamp Pune 4 wiki http://barcamp.org/BarCampPune4. BarCamp Pune 4 would definitely have more Ruby sessions :)