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BarCamp Delhi 3

Everything is set to have a great geeks’ gathering here at BarCamp Delhi 3. There gonna be some useful sessions. Its a good kick start of this winter in Delhi.
This is my second BarCamp, in the first one.. the BarCamp Delhi 2 I didn’t get a chance to present there but this time am presenting a session on Ruby Insights.
Over this year a lot of things have been changed on myside… I am more into business now along with keeping the pace of upcoming technologies, ruby, rails and all what a geek loves to have.
If you have something to talk about a new Web startup Business, Ruby, Rails, Technology, it will be my pleasure to talk to you.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Ankit S says:

    Hey, your session was quite good. I’m just starting to learn Ruby (on-and-off whenever I have the time, I’m more used to Python) and that was the first time I *got* Ruby’s modules.

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