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I participated in August Rails Hackfest which was a great experience.
You can see the missing August 2007 from the Post Archives. I didn’t post anything last month as I was busy in submitting rails patches. I submitted a lot of patches out of which I got one patch committed to the rails code under changeset 7362 which was about optimizing the code of ActiveRecord Validation validates_presence_of filed under the ticket 9392. Me and kampers got a collaborated patch accepted under the changeset 7383 which was a tiny patch for improving documentation of Action Controller filed under the ticket 9454. Many of my patches got rejected as well by the more experienced Rails Contributors but still, many patches are there to be analyzed by the Rails Core Team.

As I got my code embedded in the Rails Core, I am proud to be recognized as Rails Core Contributor. Tarmo was one of the most active and really appreciable contributor in August Rails Hackfest. Because of this participation I paid very less attention to the other important things including the clients’ projects as well :D . Moreover in the middle of the month I needed to go out to give Rails Training to a really enthusiastic team of a Bangalore based company. It was lovely experience there, but I got out of touch from the Hackfest for those crucial 5 days. After returning back I tried to keep the pace again. I am desperately waiting for the result of the August Rails Hackfest which might get published in a day or two. The first prize is the Entry Pass to the RailsConfEurope. I am looking for submitting more patches now onwards but not with the same pace as of last month, coz I will not be participating in the Hackfest but keeping the spirit of Rails Core Contributor and the pay back policy of open source. I will also be releasing some rails plugins and probably a ruby gem as well this month.

Have you tried this..
Object === Class == Class === Object

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  1. Dhrumil says:

    Keep us posted on the results!

  2. Chandan says:

    Hey sur,
    Congrats. We have finally started to work on rails. And hoping to pick up development pace. Right now we have to switch windows to refer to the documents! Sessions that you took has helped us cut short time required to look through the exact syntax. By the way news is that Manju has started to appreciate rails, he agrees that development is really fast on Rails.

  3. sur says:

    Hey Chandan,
    sounds great that you guys are now actually in development using Rails.

    Oh, Manju… He was so reluctant towards it.. though I noticed sometimes he was really impressed by rails’ specific features but he was not appreciating might be because he needed some confirmation that it will work !!

    All the best to you guys… have a great journey on Rails ;-)

  4. Dhrumil says:

    You did it bro! Way to represent India.