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Working on command line SSH is quite natural but FTP is a bit heck.
I found it hard to work on command line FTP for my godaddy account specially for removing the remote files and uploading the directories. I found the gFTP very much useful GUI based Ftp client. You can install it from the console by issuing this command…

sudo apt-get install gftp

After successful installation we can launch the gFTP application from the menu Applications->Internet->gFtp.

We can launch the application from the command line as sudo gftp

In the GUI of gFTP we will required to provide the information of Host, Port, User and Pass… In host we need to give the IP address of the remote machine, we can do it better by adding the IP-Alias entry on the system… From the menu select System->Administration->Network … This is the Network Admin UI … Under the Hosts tab click on Add to add a new entry. Provide the IP and the unique alias.

Now in gFTP we can give this alias instead of the IP.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Mika says:

    I feel gFTP is one of the most unstable FTP clients, it crasches regularly when I am doing stuff like moving a lot of files. Not so nice.

  2. sur says:

    I haven’t faced any crash even once !

  3. poulpillusion says:

    I think gFTP is a very good FTP client gui, but I experience crashes when moving lot of files too (I am using v2.0.18). Too bad.

  4. I’m a fan of FireFTP. I haven’t came accross a GUI for Linux that I like to use.