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Ruby on Rails is creating the storms in the web development all over the world. RoR is even capable to challenge Big Caps like Microsoft’s Asp.NET and so everything else in the specific area. World is continuously changing… The current WEB not solely depends on the old,encoded,paid,stressful technologies but the fresh,open-source,free,joyful technologies like Ruby on Rails are now creating the new highways to connect the WEB… What else ?.. Providing a beautiful atmosphere to web-developers. At the moment the whole world of web-development is cherishing the fresh breeze of RoR.
How much of INDIA is delighted by Ruby on Rails ?
Currently, the INDIAN side of Rails is a small community…but growing at a rapid rate. I am proudly working at VINSOL(New Delhi,India), a company full fledged working on rails.
VINSOL is currently holding some good clients for web-development and providing efficient services in Ruby on Rails.

3 Responses so far.

  1. I beg to differ, there are lots of small, medium and Large companies in india already delivering solutions over technologies like Ruby on Rails, because of confidentiality and such stuff people dont come out and say that. Its been almost 8 to 9 months since development on Ruby on Rails has taken pace in india.

  2. Sur Max says:

    Then either blog about it, publish open code snippets, release libraries, release plugins … but do not encover your narrow mindedness with so called confidentiality.
    Just assume what it is reflecting that you are getting ruby for free, you are getting rails for free, you are getting plugins for free and what you are giving back to open source community. Its not the confidentiality… its hell.
    Or better switch to the encrypted maestro MS.

    Sanjeev, its not specifically pointing you but to the companies who are proudly using others hard works without participating.

  3. hey guys i am assuming the best web development can be achieved in ruby on rails as the agile technology …i am also explicitly defining that lots many companies are in pune and also there exists a pune ruby group a community which actually manages and helps new developers to make there hard way go easy …..