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If you encounter this issue while making a Net::HTTP post, most likely it’s the issue when you are trying with an https url. The problem occurs when the Net:HTTP object is not explicitly set to use SSL and still using the secured url. Usually, for posting a form with Net:HTTP  [ Read More ]

If you are running through the issues like: ERROR: ¬†Loading command: install (LoadError) no such file to load — zlib ERROR: ¬†While executing gem … (NameError) uninitialized constant Gem::Commands::InstallCommand This means, zlib was not installed while compiling Ruby (it’s a question though why it has been kept optional when it’s  [ Read More ]

The best way to manage multiple Rails applications on Mac machine is Apache + Passenger + Passenger Preference Pane. This post is specially dedicated to Passenger Preference Pane … it’s simply awesome and it’s made Passenger even more sweet and easy to use on the development machine. Managing the /etc/hosts  [ Read More ]

Gosu is an open source game development library. Ruby and C++ programming languages can be used to write games using the Gosu library. The Passenger guys presented the RubyStein game written in Ruby. It’s an interesting game and has got many famous personalities form Rails community including DHH, ZedShaw and  [ Read More ]

After successfully organizing the RubyFunDay in Pune and Delhi, Geekeerie is launching a new product “The Geekups”. FunDays is our series of free un-conferences, driven by the vision of bring together the developer community. The focus of FunDay is sharing and learning. Geekups are going to be hands on workshops,  [ Read More ]

RubyFunDay at TW, Pune

Manik started with the introductory session. I then started with the basics of Ruby Programming language covering the variables, functions, lambda, classes, modules and somethings on the meta classes. It went well with discussions on some of the points after that Aman came up with a fantastic OOP presentation ,  [ Read More ]

RFD – RubyFunDay, is about to start at ThoughtWorks, Pune. Hoping to have a great day. Will be doing the live blogging as we move. Right now going to have some breakfast from CCD

After the success of the first RubyFunDay, Geekeerie is proudly bringing up the next RubyFunDay at Pune, India. Here we are going to cover the latest topics in Rails 2 and the advanced Ruby concepts which will help you in building up your own RubyGems. The tentative date of 2nd  [ Read More ]

Since last one year, there is quite a bit of Ruby and RubyOnRails development happening in India. Still the biggest thing missing here is the official Ruby and Rails meet-ups like RailsConf and RubyConf. Being in Ruby and Rails community since last three years I’ve been attending many events in  [ Read More ]

After a long silence, Simple Captcha is back in move now. Simple Captcha 2.0 will be here very soon. Here are some very useful features coming up with Simple Captcha 2.0 Ajax based refreshing of captcha image — a much awaiting one! Full control on the image font — now  [ Read More ]